Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Heavy fire damage inside a kitchen

Kitchen fires cause special cleaning efforts

Kitchen fires - Cooking fires cause some special cleaning, because the oils and fats inside the food cause a sticky residue that make it difficult to clean.  It also smells very badly.  We can clean all affected areas, as well as deodorize all rooms and contents.

A fireplace heavily damaged by fire

When a fire in a fireplace gets too much

Fireplace fire - Throwing some wood into a fireplace can keep you warm on a cold winter's night, until the fire gets too intense and causes a fire.  Fires also start when the person stoking the fire accidentally pulls a burning log or hot ashes out of the fireplace and onto a rug, couch, drapes, etc. 

A special sponge showing a positive result when testing for smoke

Checking where smoke has migrated

Contents deodorization - During and after a fire, smoke and soot are carried on air currents and they can get into the tiniest of areas; drawers, closets, cabinets, duct work will all have to be checked for smoke damages.  We use a treated sponge to check to see if any smoke or soot worked its way into any area.

Basement full of smoke damaged contents

Smoke can affect clothing and contents

Contents cleaning - One of the byproducts of a fire is smoke/soot, and it reaches just about anywhere.  After a fire, SERVPRO Bedford Park/Burbank is not only looking for structural damages, but also contents that may have been affected (clothing, furniture, draperies, etc).  many times, these items may be cleaned and deodorized, so belongings that hold sentimental value can be saved.

A SERVPRO truck parked outside an apartment building

Commercial buildings suffer fires too

Commercial fires - Most businesses do not have the same potential threats as residential buildings; no fireplaces, clothes dryers, etc.  But, they DO have many other possible scenarios that can cause fires: machinery, chemicals, larger heating units.  SERVPRO Bedford Park/Burbank has the resources to handle even large commercial fires and smoke damages.

Fire damaged dryer sits in the yard of a home

Dryer fires can cause extensive damage

Dryer fire - Dryer fires, whether caused by manufacturing defect of lack of proper maintenance, can cause fire, smoke, and soot damages not only in the room where the appliance was located, by the smoke can travel to just about anywhere in the structure.  Our experts can pinpoint where the smoke migrated.

Small garage has fire damages

Garages are also subject to fires

Garage fires - No part of your home is immune to having fires, including your garage.  Attached or unattached, there are plenty of ways a garage can catch fire.  And, many times, the contents damaged inside a garage can be saved, cleaned, and deodorized, so there's no need for replacement.

Heavy smoke and soot damage throughout this room

Major smoke damage after a fire

Heavy smoke damages - This particular fire caused more smoke and soot damages than the flames itself could.  The experts at SERVPRO Bedford Park/Burbank know what can be salvaged and what cannot.  Using the incorrect method of cleaning can set the stains in materials that otherwise could have been saved.

A door and window are boarded up

Securing an area after a fire

Board up - Once the fire is out, many times a door, window, or other area is blown out and subject to not only the elements but also to people or animals that can wander in.  We secure the property by boarding up all exposed areas.

Wall stained by cigarette smoke and grease

Heavy cigarette smoke stains walls and ceilings

Cigarette smoke damage - Homeowners at this house were heavy smokers, and the smoke and soot that the cigarette puts out as it burns eventually stained this kitchen wall and ceiling.  Experts at SERVPRO Bedford Park/Burbank can clean this area without the need to paint.

A backyard porch and deck that suffered fire damages.

Porch caught on fire!

Porch fire - This home’s porch caught on fire, due to an electric issue, thankfully no one was injured! But there was smoke damage throughout the house and, extensive water damage inside the house from firefighter’s efforts.

Smoke and soot damages inside a garage, where the ceiling has collapsed onto a car

Car caught on fire inside a garage in Cicero, IL.

Carport/Garage fire - SERVPRO of Bedford Park/Burbank assisted a customer after their car caught on fire inside their garage.  We worked together with the insurance adjuster and customer to evaluate affected contents to determine whether cleanable or total loss.