Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mushrooms growing in a wet carpet

Mushrooms growing in carpet

Mushrooms - Mold spores float around, waiting for moisture and something to eat.  When not treated quickly and properly, mold can colonize and grow.

In this case, mushrooms spores were floating around when the basement received some water.  Since no one was home at the time, mold and mushrooms grew and flourished.

SERVPRO Bedford Park/Burbank is trained to handle all types of mold, including mushrooms.

Mold in a car.

This vehicle was involved in an accident upon returning from a supermarket.  A couple gallons of milk was in the back, and the containers leaked milk all over the back carpet and into crevasses down deep.  The vehicle was stored in an impound lot for months.  Mold grew, and flourished, inside the closed up vehicle. 

SERVPRO of Bedford Park/Burbank was called in, and we not only performed the mold remediation, but also deodorized the inside so well, there wasn't even a trace of moldy milk left.

Taking precautions when working with mold.

Mold can be very dangerous.  That's why we have our crews wear the Tyvek suits and respirators.  

The suits serve another purpose as well; it helps to prevent cross contamination from unaffected areas in the house.  The suits are removed prior to leaving the affected areas (where we are working), and it keeps as many mold spores as possible away from the areas not affected.

Mold starts growing rapidly after unattended water damage.

Once water damage has happened, the clock is ticking before it gets worse. You don’t have the luxury of waiting around for a convenient time to take care of the water damage. Mold starts growing rapidly if water damage is not handled immediately! 

Mold in Attic.

SERVPRO of Bedford Park/Burbank recently performed Mold Remediation in an Attic! 

Attic mold growth is mostly caused by these four basic causes:

  1. Lack of adequate attic ventilation/Improper ventilation.
  2. Improperly exhausted bathroom fans or dryer vents.
  3. Failure to install enough roofing (Ice Shield Membrane).
  4. Existing or past roof leaks.



SERVPRO of Bedford Park/Burbank can help you re-mediate the mold in your attic.  Please give us a call at 708-430-3600 to schedule an inspection. 

Homeowner Discovers Mold After Vacation

A local homeowner was enjoying her vacation in the islands, while at home, a pipe was leaking behind a wall.  When the homeowner returned home, mold greeted her.

SERVPRO Bedford Park / Burbank came out, discovered the source of the leak, and remediated the mold, getting her back to normal living ASAP!