Water Damage Photo Gallery

Local Police station has water damage

Recently, a local Police station had a small water damage; sewage water came up through the drains briefly, and almost immediately went back down.

SERVPRO Bedford Park/Burbank was called to sanitize the areas affected; a couple of cells and the gun range.

Local Police departments trust SERVPRO Bedford Park/Burbank, and you should too!  708-430-3600.

What to do AFTER a water damage

Heavy rains hit the area, and you had a sewer backup into your lower level.  Are you prepared to deal with it properly?

  • Remove standing water?
  • Remove affected carpet/flooring?
  • Cut affected drywall?
  • Remove wet insulation?
  • Dry the remaining structure?
  • Spray an anti-microbial, to help prevent mold growth?

We are!  A simple call to SERVPRO Bedford Park at 708-430-3600, and we can get the process started! 

Water damaged rec room

This scene greeted SERVPRO Bedford Park/Burbank upon arrival.  This homeowner tried to keep up with the flow of water, but it became too much to handle.

We extracted the water, dried the structure, and put her mind at ease.

SERVPRO Bedford Park / Burbank is there when you need us!

Raw sewage in a Chicago basement

Imagine coming home after a hard day's work and find this!  This homeowner was even out of town when this damage happened.  One call to SERVPRO Bedford Park / Burbank, and we came out, assessed the damage, and mitigated the damages.

Sewage water in a crawlspace

Damp or wet crawl spaces/basements are often a source of health and structural problems in buildings. Wet areas beneath the occupied space invite mold contamination, insect attack, and structural rot and may also contribute to bacterial hazards. SERVPRO of Bedford Park/Burbank can help you with your affected crawlspace/basement. Please give us a call to 708-430-3600 to schedule an inspection!

Water Damage at an Apartment Building in Bridgeview, IL

SERVPRO of Bedford Park / Burbank received a call from a customer asking for our help, it was her grandma's apartment unit that suffered with water damage due a toilet overflow, leaving the apartment with at least 3 inches of standing water! We responded to this emergency only 25 minutes after the initial call was received at our office. 

SERVPRO of Bedford Park / Burbank in action

SERVPRO of Bedford Park / Burbank working at an apartment building after the recent storms.  We helped by extracting the water and drying out the structure.  You can see some of the drying equipment behind the truck. We not only act fast to every call we get but we also are always prepared for any emergency.