Water Damage Photo Gallery

Raw sewage invades buildings after storms

Sewage - Raw sewage coming into your home or business can be the byproduct of storms rolling through the area.  This is a "black" category of water, and special care in removing and treating the damages must take place.

Overflows cause damage inside your home

Water overflows - If you have a sink or bathtub overflow, the water that damages your floor can be treated differently than water that comes up through your toilet or sump pump (clean water without contaminates versus grey water with contaminates).

Flooding can cause major damages

Flooding - When storms roll through, dropping heavy precipitation in a short period of time, or for an extended period, it causes roads, yards, and eventually basements to flood.  This type of water is classified as "black" water.

Frozen pipes can cause hidden disasters

Frozen pipes - When water in a pipe freezes, the water expands, causing the pipe to stretch and can cause it to split, having water drip or spray inside a wall cavity.  Many times, split pipes are not found for quite some time.

Ice damming can cause water problems inside your home

Ice damming - Icicles may look pretty hanging from your roof, but it can also be a symptom of possible water damages inside your home.  Water can work its way UP your roof, under the shingles, and cause water to enter your upper level. 

What to do AFTER a water damage

Heavy rains hit the area, and you had a sewer backup into your lower level.  Are you prepared to deal with it properly?

  • Remove standing water?
  • Remove affected carpet/flooring?
  • Cut affected drywall?
  • Remove wet insulation?
  • Dry the remaining structure?
  • Spray an anti-microbial, to help prevent mold growth?

We are!  A simple call to SERVPRO Bedford Park at 708-430-3600, and we can get the process started! 

Roof leak causes ceiling collapse

Roof leaks - Rain or melting snow coming in through the roof can cause major water damages, as it did in this home.  Water pooling in the attic eventually caused this partial ceiling collapse, with water spreading into the hallway and adjoining rooms.

Commercial buildings can have water damages

Commercial buildings - Water damages do not only happen in the home.  The same type of losses that a homeowner could suffer, a commercial property can have as well.  Down time due to water losses can cause loss of revenue to the commercial property.

Begin by getting rid of standing water

Extraction - After the water problem has been fixed, the first mitigation project is to eliminate the standing water.  Pump out pools of water.  Extract wet carpet and pad.  Mop up puddles left behind.  Discard items affected by black water.

Local Police station has water damage

Recently, a local Police station had a small water damage; sewage water came up through the drains briefly, and almost immediately went back down.

SERVPRO Bedford Park/Burbank was called to sanitize the areas affected; a couple of cells and the gun range.

Local Police departments trust SERVPRO Bedford Park/Burbank, and you should too!  708-430-3600.

SERVPRO of Bedford Park / Burbank in action

SERVPRO of Bedford Park / Burbank working at an apartment building after the recent storms.  We helped by extracting the water and drying out the structure.  You can see some of the drying equipment behind the truck. We not only act fast to every call we get but we also are always prepared for any emergency.