Recent Before & After Photos

Hoarding plus water damage cleanup

A self-professed hoarder called us with a sewage backup cleaning for several rooms in her basement. It took many hours to take out the contents, before we coul... READ MORE

Fire damaged bedroom restored

As fire ripped through this home, it caused heavy fire and smoke damage to this bedroom. Fire fighting efforts destroyed the ceiling, and created extensive wat... READ MORE

Water damage causes hardwood floor to buckle

Water damage to a hardwood floor can be devastating. The water/moisture gets trapped just under the flooring and above the subfloor, where the wood absorbs and... READ MORE

Water damaged apartment building

A recent storm dumped a lot of rain in a short period of time, causing raw sewage to come up into an apartment building. Upon investigation, our inspection det... READ MORE

Cooking disaster leads to an upgraded kitchen

Cooking fires can happen quickly. Turn your back for only one second, things get out of hand in a hurry, and then suddenly you need new cabinets, appliances, a... READ MORE

Sewage damage in a public restroom

When you hear of a commercial property that has a water damage, you imagine a flooded warehouse. But, in this case, it was a sewage back up in a department sto... READ MORE

Frozen pipe in Chicago kitchen

The recent Polar Vortex caused a lot of havoc throughout the area, freezing pipes and causing major water losses. This kitchen was no exception. At this reside... READ MORE

Storm damage clean up

When a storm hits your home, and causes major damage (roof failure, lots of water damage), all is not lost! If the structural integrity has not been compromise... READ MORE

Commercial Sewage Loss at a local Youth Center.

Heavy rains caused rain water and raw sewage to back up through the drains and toilets in a local Youth Center. Five rooms and a couple of hallways were affect... READ MORE

Numerous cats abandoned at a house in Chicago, IL

We received a call from a customer after her relative moved in with her because she was unable to live alone due to her health issues. Unfortunately, our custom... READ MORE