What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

Everything was conducted professionally and courteous. 

They were wonderful and friendly the kind of people you need in these situations!

Travis, Victor, Justin and Bob were outstanding, very helpful and courteous. 

The "kids", they were my youngest son's age, were as courteous and professional as can be and they knew their work.

I appreciate how quick your team responded to get the demo done so we could start our repairs.  They were very professional and efficient in getting the job done.  Thank you very much.

Bob Wehn was exceptional.  He was clearly knowledgeable, responsive, communicative and a pleasure to work with.

Fantastic crew and owner! Wonderful work ethic!

The gentlemen that cleaned my basement were exceptionally courteous.

Everything you could ask for when hiring a contractor.  Great experience!

Everyone was prompt, polite and clean.  Bob, Jason and Victor were wonderful. 

Bob was very quick to respond to my situation. Great Service.

I could NOT make 1 suggestion.  We were very impressed.

Bob W. was very professional and kept us informed throughout the process.

Guys were prompt, knowledgeable. 

Great to work with. Thank you so much.

Thank you for your quick response to my call for help! Your guys were wonderful and moved quickly in getting things moved and getting the job completed. I would definitely use SERVPRO again heaven forbid if something like this happens again. Thank you again.

The crew was very personable and sensitive to the extensive amount of damage to our home. It was readily apparent these guys were very trustworthy and made every effort to minimize any collateral damage. I would highly recommend Bob Wehn and his crew of SERVPRO professionals for any size job because they are extremely good at what they do and they truly care.

Thanks Deryk very much! You have been a great relief to us! Please let me know how to contact your boss so that I can thank him/her for your responsiveness, timeliness and good work!